The Tcl-language is traditionall interpreted by its respective Tcl software ecosistem. We also use the Jim Tcl interpreter as a lightweight alternative.

Perl has been, and is, quite in widespread use. It has a very broad software ecosistem, even more extensive then Tcl, however we deem both as “heavy weight” and prefer other alternatives.

Other interpreted languages present and most probably in use on our systems include:

  • Awk, we prefer Mawk over Gawk because it is smaller
  • Sed
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Lua
  • The Bourne Shell “sh” and its different interpreters, see Commandline.

We love Lisp, although it is a somewhat platonic love. We do some fiddling in Emacs Lisp, since this is paramount when using Emacs, see Text Editors.

Not to forget the famous PHP language used mainly for dynamic websites, see also CGI.