Our Vision

Strenghten the open, sustainable society by contributing to a democratic, decentralized Web.

Our Mission

Small is beautiful.
— Leopold Kohr

Become an exemplar operation model for offering affordable, secure, efficient and high quality Internet services built upon on a small scale, low footprint infrastructure.

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Our Principles of operation.

We use exclusively Open Source software to deliver our services. In this realm we strive to select the most secure and ressource efficient software available.

See what technologies we are deploying.

Where Is Your data

Our services are hosted on servers at Hetzner a Linux and open source friendly data center operator in Germany. Hetzner tries to operate at a low environmental footprint.

Backups of the servers data is hold at Hetzners datacenter as well as at our Office.

About this Website

Find out some details about This Website and why it does not look like any other responsive design.

Who is MagmaSoft

MagmaSoft is mainly operated by me.

You can read a small writeup about MagmaSofts History