Around the year 2001 Georg Lehner started to deploy his Unix/Linux/Internet skills professionally, leading the implementation of the network operation center at the nicaraguan national engineering university UNI.

During this time he started to work as senior systems adminstrator at Netport, today Metronet, where he started to host his first own domain.

About 2004 he helped his brother in Austria remotly to bootstrap a small Webhosting enterprise, inicially on a standard PC in a small room in the basement. After returning to Austria in 2005 he also gathered some customers for his brothers company.

Some two years later Georg and his brother split the enterprise. Georg moved his customers to his own servers. The friendly wolf-electronic provided the organisational infrastructure during some time.

Since 2011 Georg Lehner manages MagmaSoft on his own. The initial motivation for hosting friends websites commercially was to co-finance costs for maintaining his own projects, the Anteris Net and the now defunct website, which hosted a lot of public documentation. In this period MagmaSoft has grown up to about 30 domains and gained little money, because Georg often did not take the time to write the bills.

In 2015/2016 he started a cleanup, which left over a dozen customers and about twenty domains.