An Internet silo is a a provider of Web services, which offers a rich variety of services to its client, but on the other side tries to tie its client to the respective company, by not permitting or supporting interchange with customers from other silos or people using standard Internet protocols.

Silos benefit from the network effect. They try to attract the highest possible number of users and the usefulness of the services grow with the amount of other clients.

IndieWeb has a [[!indiweb silo desc=”page”]] on the topic of silos. Not only do they describe some political motivations, but also very practical consideration to “break out of the silo”.

The amassment of lots of data of lots of users provokes abuse. Data of individual become Big Data, which are used arbitrarily for economic reasons and without control of the “owner” of the data.

MagmaSoft is a small “atom” of a counterweight - the decentralized Internet. MagmaSoft doesn’t want to grow big.

We want few clients, therefore few centralization, therefore only small amounts of data and in consequence the partial segregation of our clients data from massive collection.

We want a lot of other small data island which peruse the same vision. Only with this approach customers can decide about their data and select their service provider from a broad market. Therefore we lay open our technology and operation, learn from others and hope there will be imitators.