Digital Identity

You might already have many digital identities in the Internet: you Email at school, the university, at work; a homepage, a profile an Internet Silo. Maybe you do not.

We at MagmaSoft are convinced, that you should own and manage your digital identity by yourself.

According to our concepts, which are very similar to the ones of the IndieWeb movement, your factual digital identity is defined by the services and contest provided by your own Internet Domain

Among these contents are:

  • Your personal Website-
  • Your personal Email address.
  • Your persona chat account.

A Standard Hosting at MagmaSoft provides you with all these elements, and more:

  • Your contacts, appointments, media and documents have their own place in your personal cloud.
  • You can use your domain to identify yourself via IndieAuth and OpenID. We show you how to accomplish this.
  • We assure, that your data and your content is really yours.

You can get your own digital identity for 10,- USD per month or, at the Anteris project, at no cost.

The Internet Domain

All previous mentioned services are associated with an Internet Domain, which is a naming construct for which you are registered as owner.

So you have to make up a name by yourself, which nobody else in the Internet uses. This can be easy, for example if your surname or your nickname is unique. If you are called Bob Smith or Mae Jones you’ll have to dig around a while.

Anyway, let your imagination run free when selecting the domain name, however there are some rules you have to take into account:

  • Upper/lowercase is irrelevant. Only use lower case.
  • Only letters from a-z and digits can be used. You can also separate words with a dash. No accents or umlauts!
  • Domain names are concatenated of strings, each of which is at most 63 characters long. They are separated by single dots (.).
  • The left most string is the top level domain (TLD). You can choose the TLD from a list of officially registered names. So you can only design the string(s) on the left at your will.

Examples of domain names:



  • In fact there exists a standard to insert accents and the like in domain names. However for the next ten years software support for displaying them correctly is rare. Spare yourself the effort.
  • Some available top level domains are listed in our website offer.