Fluffy, Wet, Fugacious

Do you want to entrust your data to a fluffy, wet, fugacious cloud?

Of course the Internet companies who are selling their cloud products want to convey a completely different meaning with the word “Cloud”, namely:

“Access your data from anywhere and be sure it will never get lost”.

Unfortunately for them, the cloud-term is a technical one and indicates that there are many many computers involved in data processing, like the water droplets in a real cloud. The “Cloud” is a term for big scale deployment and comercialization of IT services and for the technologies developed to do this.

Critical thinkers like the FSFE put it like this: There is no cloud, just other people’s computers.

What is Your Cloud then?

Access your data from anywhere.

Wether you use a MacBook, a Windows Surface tablet or an Android Smartphone, you can store and synchronize files, contacts and your agenda with your customer account and with any Email account of Your Domain. And you can do this with as much different devices as you please.

You can access your data in different ways:

You need an Internet connection on your device in order to update your data from/to our servers, but with the sync client you can use and modify your data even if you are offline.

How much space for how much money?

Each customer gets 1 GB of data for free for each account. You can ask for more, if we have it, we give it to you.

If you want much more space, talk to us and we will see, how much space we can get for how much money.

We do not offer the oodles of “free” space given out by the Internet Silos, because it is our policy to not acquire data space out of our control:

If you need more space we rent more hard disks or more servers, we set them up and we run them, so we - and also you - have to pay for them.

So in the end, it’s still other peoples computers! But we together - you and we at MagmaSoft - are in control ourselves.