There are many different options for hosting a website. Please contact us in order to find the right solution for you.

On this page you will find several standard offers and the respective technical details. This should give you the background for an informed decision.

We inform you, that we offer gratis hosting via the Anteris project, with which we promote the use of your own digital identity.


Standard Hosting

The following table shows the prices for standard hosting:

Description USD/month USD/year
Web hosting 10,-- 120,--
Domain Registry (optional)
Standard Domains 28,--
Total: 148,--

We charge the domain registry and at least one (1) month of web hosting when the web site is provisioned. Typically we agree on a yearly upfront payment schedule.

When hosting for less then six months, the following services are included:

When hosting for more then six months you have the following options from the start without upgrade fees:

Managed Hosting

Instead of hosting your website together with other customers we can locate it on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with root access.

Description USD/month USD/year
Virtual Private Server
Minimal 10,-- 120,--
Professional 28,-- 336,--
Domain Registry (optional)
Standard Domains 28,--
Total Minimal: 148,--
Total Professional: 364,--

When hosting for more then six months, the following services are included:

  • Installation of the operating system.
  • Installation of the software of your choice from the list in Standard Hosting.

When hosting less then six months we charge these services with one (1) hour consulting fee.

Permanent monitoring and maintenance of the server, as well as all other services from Standard Hosting are included. The Emailservices will be hosted on our servers.

The technical data of the standard offers are:

1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 25 G hard disk, 1 GBit/s network connectivity, 2 TB network data volume/month without throttling.
2 CPUs, 4GB RAM, 100 GB hard disk, 8 GBit/s network connectivity, 8 TB data volume/month without throttling.

If you require more capacity we will be glad to prepare a personalized offer.

More Choices

If you have the knowledge to operate your server on your own, we recommend to rent it by yourself, no matter if it is a VPS or real hardware. We will be glad to help you with the selection and to provide advice with the configuration.

You can let us also handle some services for you. One attractive option is to manage your web server by yourself and let us manage the Domain Registry, the DNS Content Server and the Emailservices. We also offer you database access in this setup, in order to reduce load on your server. We calls this the “Everything Else Package”.

Another example is domain pointing, this consists in the registry of a lot of domains and pointing them all to the same website. See our table for the cost of operating the DNS Content Server and a redirecting web server in this scenario. We can also do the Domain Registry for you, although you might consider managing this by yourself in that case.

Description USD/month USD/year
Everything Else Package 6,-- 72,--
Domain pointing DNS Content Server
Minimal (20 domains max.) 3,-- 36,--
Professional (200 domains max.) 6,-- 72,--

Please tell us about your ideas, we are happy to flesh them out with your and prepare a personalized offer.


Web hosting

The term Web hosting means to provide storage for the files which together form a web site and operation of a web server which publish this files to the Internet.

For this task we rent servers, which are installed, configured, operated, maintained, secured and monitored by us.

One server can host many different web sites. We take care to operate only the amount of web sites on each server allowed by its respective capacity.

Static Website

On a static Website only HTML and media file are uploaded to the server. In contrast to dynamic websites no additional computation for execution of script languages or database access is required in order to deliver a web page.

Static websites are secure against cyber attacks and therefore present a low operational risk.

There are very good website editors and frameworks which allow to design static websites with high quality, low manual effort and without the need for in depth knowledge of web technologies. You can find a lot of examples of static website generators at, we use IkiWiki for our sites.

Dynamic Website

On a dynamic website the HTML pages are generated by script languages during access of the web browser, often using databases to determine the respective content. This allows, for example, to create different page content for different Internet users at for on and the same requested page.

Nowadays dynamic websites typically are not programmed from scratch, but are rather based on Content Management Systems (CMS) or web frameworks.

A commonly used basic infrastructure for dynamic websites is the “LAMP stack” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) which we also provide at MagmaSoft.

We are able to install almost any imaginable CMS or framework on our server upon request. Eventually we take a contribution towards expenses for the deployment of a CMS or framework which is not already on our list of Standard CMSs.

MagmaSoft cares about secure operation of our customers websites. Operators of dynamic websites on our servers (this is you!) are responsible to operate their site securely, continuously apply security updates and to inform us immediately of any security related problem.

If our servers or the websites or other services of our customers are threatened by malfunctioning or a security breach on your dynamic website we reserve the right to shut down your website, eventually without warning you in advance. In this cases we work intensively with to get your site clean and operational again.

Standard CMS

We provide standard solutions for several CMS’ or Framworks, for which the deployment of a new website requires little effort. Amongst these are:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • PM-Wiki
  • MoinMoin Wiki
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • IkiWiki

FTP Access

In order to manage the files of your website we configure FTP access with each web hosting. This is normally tied to the webmaster account. If you need additionally FTP accounts just tell us.


Dynamic Websites typically require a database. We offer MySQL or MariaDB by default, but we can also configure Postgres and SQLite for you.

Normally we set up the respective databases as well as an individual user for each web hosting, but we offer to manage your databases by yourself, either web based via phpMyAdmin or with direct access.

Internet Domain

The Internet Domain is the name space which identifies all servers, or more precisely Internet services, which are managed by one organisation or person. It is roughly comparable to the home or business address in real live. The Internet domain of MagmaSoft is, where at is the designator for “Austria” and magma-soft the subdomain registered by us.

The registry is done in the “Domain Name Service” - DNS, which is handled by a number of registrars, which charge a yearly amount for each registry, which varies with the popularity of the name space and the country.

You can register the domain by yourself, but we offer to register and renew the domain for you. When you want to change to a different provider we help you with the domain transfer, but we also offer to continue the domain handling even if you transfer your website to a different provider.

All services in a domain have to be published by a DNS Content Server, examples of entries are Internet addresses and priority of the mailservers, the address of the IMAP and the chat servers, the domain authority data (hostmaster), etc. and of course the address of your website.

Within each domain you can register without additional cost an arbitrary number of subdomains and services. This allows to host an arbitray number of web sites with a single domain, for example:


Domain Registry

We charge our costs for the registry and annual renewal of the Internet domain and add a handling fee. We charge USD 28,— for domains which have a cost below USD 28,— for us. For higher priced domain names we present a specific offer.

Standard Domains

The following are examples for standard domain suffixes:

  • Countries: .at, .de, .be, .nl, .uk, .eu
  • Traditional: .com, .net, .org
  • Recent: .info, .space, .work, .biz, .name
  • Various: .click .pictures .rocks .link .one .blue .onl .xyz
  • Cities: .cologne .koeln .moscow

DNS Content Server

A DNS Content Server is an Internet connected database, which holds all records relevant to an Internet Domain. Any computer or equipment surfing or participating in the Internet depends on the correct configuration of the DNS content servers in order to locate websites or any other Internet service.

We operate our own DNS Content Servers which are configured efficiently and reach minimal DNS resolution error rates.

Operation of the DNS Content Server and the configuration of a domain associated with web hosting is free of charge.


Besides DNS and Web hosting the operation of an Email server is always associated with each Internet domain. Currently most people operate their Email communication via a Internet Silos, therefore mass hosters often neglect this fact. Administration of Email is not trivial and required continuos maintenance.

We always configure the Email services for each web hosting. There are two options:

Email Minimal

Only the accounts required by the standards are configures. Additionally we add a “webmaster” email address which either gets forwarded to an email addres of your choice, or can be read directly on our server.

Email Standard

Additionally to the standard email accounts we provide you with up to five email addresses of your choice. Typically the sixth or seventh address goes for free also.

With Email Standard we prepare also the following services:

Instant messaging via the XMPP protocol. Each email address of the domain can be used as its own chat account.
Mailing lists:
We configure a list server which allows to configure an arbitrary number of mailing lists.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is an emulated computer, where all performance relevant parameters can be configured: size of the hard disk, number of CPU’s, speed, etc. The rent of a VPS depends on these parameters and has virtually no upper bound. We can help you find the optimum configuration for your requirements. If your demand grows, it is easy to scale up a VPS.

The advantage of a VPS is, that all your data is isolated from the data of other clients. Also the backups are stored separately, so if you decide to migrate you can take all data with you by copying the VPS image. Often the transfer of a VPS to a different provider is trivial, if he uses the same technology or offers a compatible migration software.

In our standard offer, Emailservices are still hosted on the MagmaSoft servers. Upon demand we can also set them up on your VPS directly.