This website is built upon the IkiWiki website compiler.


Cascading Style Sheets
Hyper Text Markup Language
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

We use the normalize css style sheet to provide a homogeneous cross browser experience.

To provide the multilinguality feature we have developed our own plugin to IkiWiki.

IkiWiki allows to use a revision control system, for the moment we use git, because it has a good support in IkiWiki. Originally we wanted to use the darcs revision control system, but IkiWiki does not support its current version and we could not afford to complete a patch to fix it.

We edit all source files for the website with the venerable Emacs editor and use X Windows and the tools of the XFCE desktop environment for the related tasks: The Thunar file manager for filesystem operation and Ooops: the Gnome Terminal (instead of the XFCE terminal) for the Commandline.

To automate compilation of the Wiki we use GNU Make.

Distribution of the files involves Remote Access.